Casa 47 by Miguel González Felgueras

Technical photography, audiovisual production & photographic material for web environment & social media

Miguel González Felgueras, founder of Arquitopias architecture studio, was one of the first clients to rely on the versatile visual narrative resources of the studio as an interesting solution to communicate Casa 47 architectonic project.

His architecture, rooted in the modern movement and the International style, Mies Van der Rohe, Alvar Aalto o Neutra admirer and with national refers Coderch o Saéz de Oiza, always screened for his personal background as a student and currently a professor at the architecture school.

Miguel González Felgueras, Arquitopias studio

“For me it is essential to generate the project by stepping on the unbuilt natural land before drawing the first line”

Photography: Arturo Ferrer

In this specific case, the key is the plot and its natural slope.

The first sketch already raised two levels of housing, one partially excavated as a “pseudo-basement” that was below the level of the sidewalk but practically at the same level as the golf course on which the land falls, and another level superior where the entire housing program could be developed and that would turn towards the outside and the beautiful natural environment with large windows.

We understand tracking details and technical photographs as a graphic memory of the project, in which we can record work processes or specific solutions that remain hidden in finished work.

They have the ability to show functional solutions that will later remain hidden once the work is finished.

Helping the client with solutions or showing the variety of interior resources to the builder are examples of applications for this graphic memory.

On a conceptual level we find it very interesting to record how the house has been built. Our work aims to show the quality of the construction that transcends the formal beauty of the architecture. How It’s done what you can’t see.

Photography of the result of the work is an interpretation of the construction process, it consists in understanding the architect’s project, the proposed objectives and reflecting it in a report mode, communicating how the spaces work and how the generated space is inhabited, and not only the building Formal level, how does it work, understanding the project as a tool to live not only as a contemplative piece.

The video still emphasizes that, the photography is more descriptive but the visual narrative of Casa 47 allows you to tell how the space is inhabited rather than make a formal description of it.